Renting a car in Macedonia offers travelers both convenience and peace of mind. With inclusive Casco insurance and a European green card, drivers can explore the country’s rich landscapes and historic sites worry-free. Whether navigating the bustling streets of Skopje or venturing into the picturesque countryside, having comprehensive insurance coverage ensures a smooth journey.

Type A car (Small car)

One day – From 35 EUR
3 days – 30 EUR per day

Type B car (Regular car)

One day – From 50 EUR
3 days – 40 EUR per day

Type C car (Limousine car)

One day – From 70 EUR
3 days – 60 EUR per day

Type 3 - Van

One day – From 85 EUR
3 days – 75 EUR per day

Type S car (Business Class Deluxe)

One day – From 90 EUR
3 days – 80 EUR per day